Steps for the Activity

  1. What is JavaScript? Check out this helpful video.
  2. Before you jump right in, you may want to start with a JavaScript tutorial. Even the most basic JavaScript will start incorporating coding concepts like variables and logic.

  3. Jump into the JavaScript sandbox.

    Remix this project and try updating the JavaScript code in this sandbox of code in the following ways. Notice the setup required for JavaScript code to run:
    • Predict It - change the question & answers
    • Move It (moveit.js) - change color, size & speed
    • Spin It (moveit.js) - change angle, num & rect size
    • Picture It (pictureit.js) - change drawing, image
    • Rotate It (spinit.js) - change step, angle, rect size


  • Desktop or laptop
  • Internet access
  • Adventurous Spirit


What interactivity would you like to add to a web page? What do you think will be the most challenging part of adding it?

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