Steps for the Activity

  1. Remix your favorite webpage using Mozilla X-Ray Goggles.

    • Drag the X-Ray Goggles icon up to your bookmark bar. Go to your favorite webpage. Select Activate X-Ray Goggles to remix this page.
    • What can you update? Can you guess what the tags do?
    • Update an image by searching for an image through Creative Commons. Hint: you will need to copy the image URL.
    • You can publish your remixed page, but you will need to create a Mozilla Persona (this requires an e-mail address)
  2. Experiment with HTML tags.

    • Remix My Favorite Animal - you can update the content to reflect your favorite ... whatever!
    • Try replacing content (image, text & links) and add more content with appropriate tags. Hint: Check out the HTML Cheatsheet.
    • Can you figure out how to add a YouTube video? Hint: Look for the Embed code.
    • When you are done, select Save. Congratulations - you have just created a web page!


  • Desktop or laptop
  • Internet access
  • Cool content


Why use an image found with Creative Commons instead of any image from a google search? Did you notice that most HTML tags have a start and end tag? Why do you think that is? What were you not able you able to do with HTML that you would expect to be able to do when you create a web page?

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