Blogging is Learning

My EDU 106 Experience

These are my three favorite posts that I wrote as part of EDU 106:

1. Blue and Pink

This was one of my three favorite posts because the topic was something that is always being talked about especially in the recent years. My feelings towards the colors blue and pink have not changed and if you read this blog post you'll find out why I feel the way I do.

2. Creativity is Key

This is my second favorite blog post because like the name of it says "Creativity is Key". I think that having the ability to be creative in life is so important especially in school. Being creative with anything really shows how people's minds are full of different and amazing ideas.

3. Social Media

This is my third favorite blog post because it talks about something we all know about and probably have a love/ hate relationship with which is social media. When you read this post you can get a sense that I have strong feelings toward social media. Those feelings both good and not so good.

Made on May 8, 2017, by Elisabetta Pellino