Luster & Hardness


Luster is the way a mineral reflects light. There are seven main types of luster: waxy, pearly, silky, vitreous(glassy), greasy, metallic, and dull. Waxy luster is when the mineral looks like it is made out of candle wax. Pearly and silky minerals just look pearly and silky. Vitreous luster just looks like glass. Greasy is when it looks like grease was just poured over the mineral. Metallic is when it looks like metal. Lastly, dull is when it has no luster. What type of luster is the mineral below?

Wikipedia image


Hardness is how hard a mineral is. You find the hardness of minerals by testing if other minerals scratch a mineral. The video below is about the Moh's scale of hardness, which is a scale of common minerals and their hardness level. Each mineral is either in between two minerals on the the scale or right on. The video will elaborate on that.The hardness number will be between 1-10.

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