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A Trip To Mexico!

Come with the year six class and live the mexican life!

Mexican food:

Some of their most popular food choices are Tacos, spicy chicken, spicy rice and guacamole and salsa with tortia chips.Their food diet is sometimes un-healthy because they eat a lot of bread, meat and salt. Overall it is a balanced diet of unhealty like tortia chips but make it healthy with somthing like guacamole or tomato salsa.

Mayan Art:

One of there most popular designs to paint was the myan Gods in a colorful painting.It keeps the bad spirt away.

Another popular art creaton is skulls and sculptures. The skullls repesent the day of the dead and are beutifully decorated and painted.The sculptures usually are decorated with Gods snakes and flowers.


The weather in Mexico is normally very sunny and hot. The regular temperature is 27 degrees

Mexican clothing:

Their clothes are usally very colorful and flowy. Sometimes they stick to their traditional colors red,green and white. Like this photo the ladies weare a special dress on important occasions. The men regulary where suits of there colors on a important event.

We hope you like our presentation of Mexico and you learned lots. Thanks for looking.

Holly and Megan.