Dia de los muertos

This AMAZING website is about Day of the dead!Day of the dead is a festival in Mexico that replaces halloween.It falls on the 2nd of November every year (this year it's on a Friday).We celebrate the people or animals that we have lost.


On Day of the dead,everyone dresses up in bright and jolly costumes! Since it's a happy day,they wear no dark colours! People only dress up as a skelliton to repersent their passed away family members.Like we mentioned about the skulls,the Mexicans create their own to were using their imagination.They can be however they want.If people don't want to make a mask, they normally wear face paint.

Pan De Muerto

Pan de muerto is a traditional sweet or savory bread. Ingridients :4 ounces of butter,3/4 cup sugar,3 teaspoons of anaseed,1 teaspoon of salt,6 cups of flour,4 large eggs, 1/4 of 2 cups of warm water and 2 tablespoons of orange zest.It's the most popular and original food of Dia De Los Muertos.Lines of dough are rolled and connected on the top to symbolize bones.


The main part of Day of the dead is it's facinating skull sculptures that leaded to skull candy and treats like biscuits decorate and ,sugary hollow skulls.Also it made people make intriging decorations and dress up like one.People love the scent of day of the dead candles because they let the smell of joy fill the fresh air.

What do they do?

Marigolds,which are the most popular of the mexican flowers,are used to lead the people,who have sadly passed away,from their grave to their relative's house(they also leave their relative's favourite food to eat when they were alive).

Dead altar

The dead altars are altars decorated with marigolds or the person's favourite flower.They are also decorated with their belovide food or Pan de muerto.Loads of candles surround photos of the dead.They have sometimes got flower decorations.


Extra informatiion

coinciding with the similar Roman Catholic celebrations of All Saints Day and All Souls day.The marigold is the traditional day of the dead flower.It is a public holiday.Some believe that on the Day Of The Dead, the souls of the departed return to earth to visit with and provide counsel to their families and loved ones.

We hope you have learnt atleast something new about dia de los muertos (day of the dead) whether it's about the food, what they do,decorations or what it is.