Dia de los muertos! Day Of The Dead!

We have been learning about the Mexicans and what they CELEBRATE!

We found out that the Mexicans celebrate the lives of dead people /loved ones who have sadly passed on, by having Day of the dead to do this they put make up or face piant on to look like their animals/ pets who have died and passed on or to look like their human loved ones.When they dress up, woman like to wear long dresses and men like to wear suites. Also the Mexicans like to go full throtel when they dress up for Day Of The Dead. The Mexicans also leave food at their loved ones graves because they still beleive that their loved ones will take the food as a piece offering.Some Mexicans take the food really seriously and make it in the shape of their loved ones; people or pets.But I mean who wouldnt!?

Mexican food!We have been learning and trying some Mexican food.We've also been making some of our own Mexican food to serve to parents!We found out that most food for the Day of the dead celebration is made out of pure sugar.The Mexican diet overall is somewhere around 75% healthy and 25% unhealthy.Its very important that people have a balanced diet (well everybody has to have a balanced diet). This is especially good with the Mexicans because all/ most of their foods are deliciously healthy! Also through the cause of 2018 Day Of The Dead will be celebrated on the 31st of October through to the 2nd of November.The Mexicans can just buy some face piant and dress up some people can just make their costumes them selfs.Also they pick their own Marigolds and make a trail from their house to their loved ones grave.The masks for Day of the dead are often really colourful and the peoples own desighns.