We are learning about the amazing Mexico!

We have explored the dances, food, schools,homes and so much more.


salsa,chicken, baked flan, meatball stew, chilli cake, burritos, pan de mueto, creme caramel and lime chicken with rice.There is so much more.

As you can see, the Mexicans eat a lot of healthy and spicy food

Day of the dead skulls!

The day of the dead skulls are decorated to remember the peoople and the animals that have died.They do this so it feels like they are still here. They also make some suger skulls that you can decorate with icing.Yum!

They also decorate the real skulls with awsome painting and somtimes beads.

This shows that the Mexican people take a lot of time on painting them.


Weather is mostley sunny with a breeze of wind. The beaches are beatifull.

The white beaches are great for the family to go down to and just let the kids run free in the sand and ocean.


Most young children attend primary school but only 62 percent reach secondary school.Imagion staying behind in y6 for a hole 2 years.Would you like this? They do the normal subjects like: maths,english,science and they also learn Foreign language as well.

Chiuahuan desert!

chihuahuan desert covers over 200,000 square miles of mexico. The desert has loads of diffrent animals. The most fluffy animal is a mexican grey wolf.

Tis is a perfect sun set above the Chihuahuan desert.Do you want to see this in person.


Mexican animal facts

Mexican animals can be so cute but some can be very dangerous.

Spider monkey is an adorable creature but dangerous.


The bobcat is a Type of cat that lives in Mexico.They are also cute and dangerous.

Mexican grey wolf!

As you can see, the Mexican grey wolf can stand the weather.They mostly can survive in the cold weather.The wolfs would survive on other animals that live in their habbitat.

Mexican clothing!

The Mexican clothing is bright and colourfull.So,I dought that they ever have a gloomy day.Well,I don't think so.It looks like they could go down to the beach every day.How fun would that be. Maybe they even where these clothes on a sad day (to cheer them up).

Mexican skull face paint!

The face paint looks like it takes a lot of time to do. I say this because the pictures are so cool.On this one it looks like the bone paint on his neck looks like real bone.Also,it looks like he has a web on his head.Personly, I like his moustache.