Satoru Iwata
The videogame hero

He was quite amazing.

He did many amazing things:

  • Was born in 19something.
  • Became president of Nintendo.
  • Made many videogames and we enjoyed them.
  • Released the Wii and everyone played it.
  • Released some zelda games and we rejoiced them.
  • Did more stuff.
  • Made himself a good name in the industry.
  • Held a banana in his hand.
  • Died because of cancer.

Discussions between Iwata, Miyamoto, and Takeda about a new home console began in the first half of 2003. With encouragement from Yamauchi, Iwata pushed for development of a revolutionary product that would later become the Wii. Iwata subsequently assigned Takeda to the project, "telling [Takeda] to go off the tech roadmap." The overall premise was that "a Mom has to like it." During the console's development process Iwata challenged engineers to make the Wii no thicker than three DVD cases stacked together, a feat they ultimately accomplished. Takeda and his team focused on reducing power consumption while retaining or improving levels of performance shown with the GameCube. Alongside the internal hardware designed by Nintendo's engineers, Iwata proposed that the console abandon use of a typical controller to make gaming more accessible to everyone. Miyamoto took the lead on developing a new controller while Takeda's team provided the internal components. After six months and dozens of scrapped prototypes, Takeda procured a CMOS sensor that later became the core aspect of the remote. With the addition of accelerometers, they were able to effectively produce motion controls.

Video games are meant to be just one thing: fun. Fun for everyone.