The 7 Ages of Life

When we read the speech ‘Ages of Man’ by Shakespeare in the play ‘As You Like It’ the idea of the Stages of life comes up. It starts with infancy, which I portray as a baby in a mother's arms then in a stroller and the final stage of infancy is the baby crawling. The second stage is the Schoolboy who starts out as a young lad who has no hair and is quite short then grows into a tall young man. He always has his backpack though. The next stage is the lover, I show him with a young lady that fall in love. The next stage is soilder. He shoots his gun but then he receives a bullet to the chest. The next stage is Justice which I show as a judge hitting his gavel. The sixth stage is old man, he is on a cane and gets paler and paler each slide. The final stage is death which I represent as a gravestone. Shakespeare ends the poem by saying, “Sans teeth, sans eyes, sans taste, sans everything.”, so I end it with SANS for my final slide.