The Seven Ages of Man

One of the most respected writers is Shakespeare. In his play, As You Like it a character named Jacques says a famous speech that explains the 7 ages of man. On pixel I created an animation displaying the seven ages of man and then exported it to thimble. The infant crying and throwing up is the first stage and that was pretty self explanatory and so were the next three stages, which were a schoolboy, a lover, and the soldier. However, the fifth and sixth stages were more difficult because I didn't know how to make my character look older. I ended up asking one of my friends how they made their character get older and that inspired me. I added bags under their eyes, gave the grey hair, and gave the character a cane. In the last stage, Jacques says sans teeth, sans eyes, sans taste, sans everything. So I just made my character start dissapearing until his eyes were left and then he completely dissapeared.