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Nutritional Facts      

Serving Size:1 Retention Coordinator
Servings per container: 1

Amount Per Serving

% Daily Value*

Love of Cats 50%
Solving Tutoring Challenges 70%
Talking with Cindy in her office 20%
Crunching numbers 30%
Crazy ideas 40%
Playing 3d Chess in my head 20%
Extending my learning 100%

*Percent Daily Value based on 16 hours of roll stuff around in my head

INGREDIENTS: Grade Aaa Prime Suburban Brain Power, Medium Hot Serrano Sarcasim, Quick Wit and Snappy Comebacks, Homegrown Resilience, Dash Of Salty Language, Desire to Create, Love Of Words, Student Cheerleader, Touch of Dutch Flavorings. MAY CONTAIN CAT HAIRS.

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