Blogging is Learning

We gathered through RSS

These are my three favorite posts that I wrote as part of EDU 106:

  • Twitter #EDUCHAT
  • I really enjoyed observing the teachers hashtag #EDUCHAT on twitter. It was interesting to see how teachers who don't know each other express their own opinions on how education should be conducted. From what I saw, the teachers were willing to work together to create a better learning environment for kids. Teachers understand the importance of collaboration.

  • Creativity is a Remix
  • I watched a Ted Talk by Kirby Ferguson, which I found very engaging. He explained how a remix was just new media. It really made me think about how new ideas are formed. Many new technologies are a form of a remix. I don't see it as just copying but instead it's copying, transforming, and combining. This Ted Talk helped me understand how different things can be created from the same source without it all being the same.

  • Lego Remix
  • The Lego Remix was a brief activity with a deep meaning. I never realized how companies targeted male and female genders in such a sterotypical way, until completing this activity. I beleive everyone should have an understanding on how this is being condcuted in the business marketing realm. Girls like gossip and boys like violence, plain and simple. This one was an eye opener and I'm glad to have had the chance to learn about these marketing tactics.