Minecraft: Redesign A Public Space

Chicago Architecture Foundation

Made by Gina Grant and Edge Quintanilla

Using design challenges on DiscoverDesign to teach civics. Follow @chiarchitecture for more on why design matters.

45 to 60 minutes

This workshop is specifically designed to teach students how they might foster civic engagement, self-efficacy and agency using the wildly popular video game, Minecraft. This workshop is for anyone interested in using design thinking to address the redesign of a public space while capturing student interest in Minecraft as a tool for rethinking the built environment.

Want to upload your Minecraft models to a community of Minecraft Designers? Create an account on DiscoverDesign.org and start the Minecraft Design Challenge! You will need a MinecraftEdu account to complete this challenge. Purchase an educational account here.

21st Century Skills

Collaboration Communication Creativity Problem-solving

Web Literacy Competencies

Design Compose Revise Share

What you'll make together

You will make your own mod that you can add to your local game world and share with your friends :)

Learning Objectives

  • Students should be able to discover why design matters.
  • Students as digital citizens address civic engagement in their own community
  • Be designers
  • Students understand building with constraints of the real world in the virtual world of Minecraft.
  • Use Minecraft/MinecraftEdu as a tool for design thinking and solving problems.
  • Think critically about “public” places as defined by The American Planning Association.
  • Achieve self-efficacy towards the built environment
  • Engage in the design process to design for the real world.
  • Engage with a virtual world to situate learning about place.

Assessment and Review

Assessment Criteria