The Rock Cycle

The Rock Cycle is the way that rocks can change from type to type. For my example, I will be starting with a metamorphic rock. When a metamorphic rock melts, it turns into magma, which is molten rock. When the magma cools, it becomes an igneous rock. If the igneous rock experiences extreme heat and pressure, it turns into a metamorphic rock, or, if the rock experiences weathering and erosion, it will turn into sediment. Sediment can get mixed with other types of sediment through weathering and erosion. After this event, sediment can compact and cement, creating a sedimentary rock. This rock can also be weathered and eroded, and turn back into sediment. The final event is heat and pressure. If the rock is exposed to heat and pressure, it will turn into a metamorphic rock.

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Rock Cycle diagrams can differ in looks, but most of them still convey the same idea. Here are two different diagrams, see if you can compare them!

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