My Image Seek

Seeker Name: Alan Levine
Seek Date:

I am looking for an image to represent the idea of

broken links

Something to represent broken web links or pages.

I looked for these kinds of actions that demonstrate in action.

These are kinds of objects, people, animals that have as an attribute or are associated with it.

These are places, locations where occurs.

Adding a combination keyword to the ones above helped narrow the search for (e.g. introducing a character, animal)

These were the best images I found to visually represent

from Simplepedia
from geograph
by concretecandy
chain snap

These are my notes for the potential images I found to represent

word site image URL page URL notes
snapped google a big broken tree
wire google a fraying rope end
chain snapped flickr broken bicycle chain, changed search from "snipped" to "snapped"
frayed flickr a frayed edge of a window screen, my favorite
broken wire google not broken, but cobwebs indicate neglect. A tad out of focus

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All of these searches are set to show only images licensed for re-use.

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