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Nutritional Facts      

Serving Size: 1 Human
Servings per container: 1

Amount Per Serving

% Daily Value*

Silly Tweets 10%
Weird Photographs 90%
Mocking MOOCs with Cows 30%
Commenting on Blogs 20%
Animated GIFs 40%
Messages with Typos 20%
Openly Shared Stuff 100%

*Percent Daily Value based on 12 hours online activity

INGREDIENTS: Grade Aaa Prime Suburban Raised Brat, Super Hot Cayenne Sarcastic Spice, Quick Reflex Lame Reply Syrup, Western open skies, Love Of Making Stuff, Silliness #5B, Dash Of PHP Technical Skills (Danger Level 5), Laughter, Self-Deprecation Dye #2, Baltimore Flavorings.

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