Web Literacy Skills for Library Staff | Introduction to Web Mechanics

CC-BY-SA by Mozilla and MOUSE

20 minutes

Learners will summarize how the Internet works through improv performance and visualization, learning how web content navigates the internet.

Read, Write, and Participate the Web

21st Century Skills

  • Collaboration
  • Communication
  • Creativity
  • Problem-solving

Web Literacy Skills

Code Compose Navigate Open Practice Protect Remix Revise Search Share Synthesize

Learning Objectives

  • Know the basics of web mechanics and be able to explain how web content travels across the internet.
  • Know the basics of HTML and the fundamental structure of a webpage.
  • Know the basics and importance of privacy and encryption and how both show up in our daily lives.
  • Know how to use web literacy tools such as the Web X-Ray Goggles and Thimble to remix and write web pages.
  • Know how to use online project-management tools like GitHub to create and share content.
  • Know how open practices benefit projects, people, and the public good.
  • Explore project management and web development as career and educational paths.
  • Understand how to teach others web literacy basics in participatory ways.


  • 13+
  • Beginner web users


  • Internet-connected computers
  • Facilitator computer and projector
  • Markers
  • Paper
  • Big and small sticky notes
  • Crafting materials like string, sicssors, and tape