i lurve teh zinez

then you might like this guide from Rookie


or this digital book built off the same plan (& shared by the NWP)


folding teh zine

scrunched version:



what can my zine be about?

anything you love.




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a practical guide to printing your own zine

volume 1, issue 1

what's a zine?

a zine is a self-published, small-run publication dedicated to its author's interests. it's like a mix-tape (see: playlist) of texts arranged around its creator's favorite themes.


what's this page?

this page is a remixable template you can use to make your own zine. you can hit the remix button and change the appearance, code, and content of the zine to tell your own story.

copy and paste the code into an .html file in a text editor; then drag the saved file into a browser. your zine will pop up, and you can print it on the landscape setting. the next pages will help you cut and fold it.