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What is cyberbullying?
Connecting to a Victim
Inflicting Emotional Damage
Distress and Fear in Those Attacked
Definition: Attacking someone purposely through the use of an electronic device to inflict emotional distress.
The story I want to share
In my story, I was the:
It happened on...
Here's what happened
It occured in my grade eight year. This particular year for me was bad. All my friends and more turned against me for a mistake I made, that I greatly regret. There was one incident that I remember occuring post-regret, where a former friend came onto KIK, a messaging application, and began provoking me, and teasing me for secrets I told another ex-friend. I told no one about this event, although I also regret this extremely. If you or someone you know is the target of a cyberbullying attack PLEASE seek help. You'll be glad you did!
3 things I want you to know
Seek help from someone you trust! Please!
Asking for help doesn't make you LESS than!
You are amazing! Don't let anyone tell you otherwise!
What can you do?
Always, always, always SEEK HELP! Whether through an adult, friend, or helpline! You will NOT regret it! You are not weak if you do so!
Safe Spaces
Jerry the Giraffe
Kids Help Phone: 1-800-668-6868
School's guidance counsellors and teachers!
Community Non-Profit Organizations for Youth!
What I want adults to know
@parents, Make sure you know how your child's day has gone, and who their friends are! If they are lying to you, you need to know when they are and why they are!
@teachers, Provide a safe place for your students! Be considerate and really listen to them if they come to you for help! They need good role models like you!
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