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What is cyberbullying?
Broken Inside
Damaged Within
Cyberbullying is intentionally harming a person through technology. It can be a threat or any other form of harassment.
The story I want to share
In my story, I was the:
It happened on...
Here's what happened
A few months ago I created an Instagram account and used it for various personal reasons. However, after a while a person appeared to hold a grudge against me. This person created an Instagram account for the purpose of framing me. They used my student account and then created an account called “scarborough_clownz”.The account started messaging random people creepy messages framing me as the target. A person saw my student account and thought that account was me thus framing me as the primary target. For a few days I was thought to be the creepy stalker who made threats. Luckily with the help of my principal I was able to apprehend the person making threats and posing as me. Together, we can make a difference in a person's life.
3 things I want you to know
Make your account private!
Don't talk with random strangers!
Every action has an impact!
What can you do?
- Be understanding of the situation no matter how unique it is!
- Don't make assumptions without proof, it can create trouble within relationships!
- Use social media to spread awareness about these issues and get the world to acknowledge that kids need help.
Safe Spaces
Jerry the Giraffe
I value respect of others and their opinions no matter how ridiculous it seems to you.
I value trust within a safe space environment.
I value an area in which people are able to leave if they are uncomfortable.
What I want adults to know
@parents, Don't let your children lose themselves to cyberbullying. Let them know that they have people who will support them!
@teachers, You have the power to change your students' experiences at school! Make sure you do everything you can to stop violence!
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