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What is cyberbullying?
Unable to share feelings
Definition: Using electronic devices to threaten, harm, or intimidate a person.
The story I want to share
In my story, I was the:
It happened on...
Here's what happened
Suppose there was one person, A, and the bully, B. Person A made a Facebook account and Person B decided to hack into it. They hacked into it and decided to post some inappropriate things and sent out some hurtful messages.
Person A was young, and did not know what to do but in the end they asked for help. The matter did get police involved but Person A did not end up getting hurt, and all misunderstandings got cleared up.
3 things I want you to know
It's never too late to get help
Asking for help doesn't make you a "weak" person
Think twice before taking action
What can you do?
If you are a witness - use a help phone line or talk to a teacher about the problem. If the survivor can’t access the help, get it for them. If you are the survivor - don’t be afraid of the bully, because the bully is only a bully behind the screen. Don’t hesitate to get help and speak up about your situation. If you are the bully - think about your decision, and how many people it could end up hurting, how much trouble it could cause you and the person you choose to bully. If you have a problem, ask for help. There are many people willing to help, all you have to do is ask.
Safe Spaces
Jerry the Giraffe
Confidentiality: Knowing that your secrets are safe helps you stay at ease.
Acceptance: Being open minded about all thoughts and opinions.
Safe Word: Letting people know when you are triggered and need to talk to someone.
What I want adults to know
@parents, Ask about your child's activities regularly, so when something out of the ordinary happens, you are able to pick up on the change in behaviour/actions.
@teachers, Provide alternate options for help, for example: kids help phone, or an anoymous help box in the classroom where kids can request advice for a problem and the solution can be sought out as a class.
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