Cyberbullying image
What is cyberbullying?
Someone who is angry
Something we should stop
It’s like real life bullying but on the internet
The story I want to share
In my story, I was the:
It happened on...
Here's what happened
Once I bullied someone on the internet before because I didn’t like her. This was back in grade 5. She always stared at me and would talk to me for no reason. But my teacher told me she was just trying to be my friend and that I should be nice to her so I stopped making fun of her with my friends. She didn’t know that I said mean things about her because I would only send things to my friends about her. Then I found out that a girl from another class was posting mean things about me and I got really angry and I wanted to fight her. My teacher stopped me and made me less angry and taught me about how cyberbuylling hurt me and that I can act with violence or I can teach others what it means to be a victim. This is why I am participating in this today.
3 things I want you to know
I used to be a cyberbully
But I changed when I realized the negative consequences
Other cyberbullys can change TOO
What can you do?
Teach people on the internet that the people who are attacking are REAL people and how would they feel if they said things to their face.
Safe Spaces
Jerry the Giraffe
The park
My magazines
Drawing pictures
What I want adults to know
@parents, Explain to your children that there are consequences to sending mean messages online
@teachers, Teachers like mine encourage me to understand what it means to be a bully and a victim. I think this is a good thing because I see it from both sides now
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