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What is cyberbullying?
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Cyberbullying is a form of bullying which takes place online. For example on websites or apps such as: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Email etc...
The story I want to share
In my story, I was the:
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Here's what happened
It happened in the changeroom after gym class at around 1:30P.M. A group of students made fun of another student because of his body type. The bullies continued to bully the victim and in a few days the bullying spread to social media and outside of school. A group of kids including me, got mad that no one was stopping the bullying and we decided that we would do it . We went and spoke with the principal and he resolved the issue.
3 things I want you to know
Body type doesn't describe someone's personality.
If no one stands up then you should.
Don't make fun of someone's body type.
What can you do?
Adults could have helped by talking to the survivor about what was going on and how they could help.
Safe Spaces
Jerry the Giraffe
I value understanding in a safe space.
I value communication.
I value a sense of calm.
What I want adults to know
@parents, Know if something's wrong.
@teachers, Be aware.
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