An Educator's Perspective on Cyberbullying

The Ca.pture Project

A youth-driven digital storytelling program to capture cyberbullying stories from our city and to develop open-source digital skill building activities to empower youth to prevent, navigate and intervene in electronic bullying.

How I define cyerbullying
A vicious attack on people based on looks, gender and affiliation.
Where I've seen it happen
I have seen it happen on Facebook, Instagram, email, texting and Youtube.
What I think happens leading up to, during, and after cyberbullying
I think when people are experiencing cyberbullying or other kinds of bullying they go through an emotional rollercoaster. For example, when a girl is being attacked based on the way she looks, she would wonder why, feel angry, hurt and start to doubt herself and even feel worthless. When the bullying presists, she would feel isloated, depressed, and if there is no intervention she might resort to extreme ways to cope with her situation.
How can I create a safer space
I can create a safe space by providing education, making resources available and designate a place/environment where people feel safe enough to share their struggle and seek help.
What resources I use for cyberbullying in my community
In the youth programs i run i have presented workshops on the effect of cyberbullying and other forms of bullying youth may face.
This project is supported by a grant from CIRA’s Community Investment Program. CIRA’s Community Investment Program gives back by supporting initiatives and programs that help build a better online Canada.
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