An Educator's Perspective on Cyberbullying

The Ca.pture Project

A youth-driven digital storytelling program to capture cyberbullying stories from our city and to develop open-source digital skill building activities to empower youth to prevent, navigate and intervene in electronic bullying.

How I define cyerbullying
It involves an intent to harm the individual that is being targeted. Bullying takes place online and can often seep into in-person interactions outside of the cyber world. Especially with how technology is accessed, more and more people are always connected so it makes it more difficult to stay away from the
Where I've seen it happen
Over text and Whatspp.
What I think happens leading up to, during, and after cyberbullying
The person who is being harassed feels emotionally and physically unsafe to speak up. The experience is so damaging that the person who is being targeted feels a sense of helplessness. Often they become hyper vigilant and distrustful as a result of being bullied.
How can I create a safer space
Learn more about supportive services and resources to address issues of harassment and discrimination. Even having the knowledge doesn't mean that the person being mistreated feels they can access help.
What resources I use for cyberbullying in my community
Community partners, trusted people, online resources.
This project is supported by a grant from CIRA’s Community Investment Program. CIRA’s Community Investment Program gives back by supporting initiatives and programs that help build a better online Canada.
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