An Educator's Perspective on Cyberbullying

The Ca.pture Project

A youth-driven digital storytelling program to capture cyberbullying stories from our city and to develop open-source digital skill building activities to empower youth to prevent, navigate and intervene in electronic bullying.

How I define cyerbullying
The act of emotional and mental abuse through online comments.
Where I've seen it happen
My children talk about it often, and how their peers get cyberbullied while they act as bystanders. They talk more about what happens “online” than what happens “offline”
What I think happens leading up to, during, and after cyberbullying
My children talk a lot about what happens but they do not do anything about it. They say no one does. So the teacher does not even know it is happening.
How can I create a safer space
Easy. Don’t be a bystander. Use our collective voices to tell people to STOP
What resources I use for cyberbullying in my community
This project is supported by a grant from CIRA’s Community Investment Program. CIRA’s Community Investment Program gives back by supporting initiatives and programs that help build a better online Canada.
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