An Educator's Perspective on Cyberbullying

The Ca.pture Project

A youth-driven digital storytelling program to capture cyberbullying stories from our city and to develop open-source digital skill building activities to empower youth to prevent, navigate and intervene in electronic bullying.

How I define cyerbullying
Cyberbullying is when people put nasty text or images of other people on the internet.
Where I've seen it happen
This morning on the train. Group of kids collaborating on a nasty comment they were writing on someone’s social media.
What I think happens leading up to, during, and after cyberbullying
People think it's fun. I agree that they don’t see the consequences of their actions. The bully goes back to their regular life and the person bullied feels terrible for days or weeks.
How can I create a safer space
Parental Privacy Programs on a computer to block certain sites to force youth to go back to speaking in person where they probably will be more careful with the words they say.
What resources I use for cyberbullying in my community
Parent privacy programs you can download. Nothing in community.
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