An Educator's Perspective on Cyberbullying

The Ca.pture Project

A youth-driven digital storytelling program to capture cyberbullying stories from our city and to develop open-source digital skill building activities to empower youth to prevent, navigate and intervene in electronic bullying.

How I define cyerbullying
An invasion of privacy beyond anything people have ever previously experienced during their childhoods. It's invasive, harmful, and its repercussions are beyond our current social support capabilities.
Where I've seen it happen
When I'm on social media and with kids when they pull out their phones in public.
What I think happens leading up to, during, and after cyberbullying
Leading up to cyberbullying, I think what's happening is a lack of awareness of the type of impact these words or actions will have on the receiver. During, I think the receiver is in a state of shock, physiologically, they may be terrified, anxious, feeling helpless and alone, their whole world caves in on them in a fraction of a second. After, I think youth will often find that they may reach out to their friends, if that wasn't who bullied them, or parents, depending on their relationship, or school staff. Often, these kids find themselves alone, having to deal with the situation without the support they need.
How can I create a safer space
Calling out people's actions and words when I see them. Offering workshops that focus on self-esteem and self-care.
What resources I use for cyberbullying in my community
I give workshops that incorporate elements of self-esteem, mental health, and self-care.
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