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Mozilla Club Web Titans Club in Nairobi, Kenya.

Mozilla Web Titans Club is a project that seeks to empower young women in Nairobi, Kenya by creating a multidisciplinary and safe space for informal learning and exchange of experiences around digital culture. The aim is to provide participants with the skills they need to become digital content producers so they can advance in their personal and professional lives.

“Technology is thriving in Nairobi but there are very few who are benefiting. Technology startups often fail because they aren't meeting people where they are".


In March 2016, Mozilla and UN Women partnered to work alongside local educators, organizations and residents to built a network of web literacy clubs that promote peer-to peer-learning, teaching participants how to collaborate with each other and meaningfully participate online. Through this initiative Mozilla Web Titans Club draws on a pre-existing club model, meeting regularly and in-person. They adapt a comprehensive curriculum that covers topics like Web navigation; computer basics; content creation; coding; online rights, privacy and security; and connecting to opportunities linked to women’s leadership, civic participation and economic empowerment.


Participants are young women, ages 17-25, who have been recruited through the local community and want to,

1) Understand how to use the web for themselves and in their every day.

2) Connect with other women and talk about local issues in a safe and fun space.

“I'm not intersted in programming or tech but I want to build skills."

WHY Dagoretti Empowerment Center?

Mozilla Web Titans Club is located at the Dagoretti Empowerment Center which houses the Youth Economic Empowerment Programme (YEEP). It is located in one of Nairobi's eight divisions called Dagoretti which is a central location for club members to access. The Center is a hub for local community members and offers youth access to a free library, an indoor sports programs, a youth resource center, and a women meeting and support center. It is a great spot to host weekly club events and provide a safe space for attendees. It also offer quick access to resources like printing, scanning, computer lab and equipment which is valuable for the Club Captains.


Mozilla Clubs are organized by Regions. On each Region there is one Coordinator, who gives support to Club Captains. The Captains are responsible for leading their own Clubs, inviting participants to join, preparing activities, sending communications, motivating... and other different tasks to keep clubs running.

Here is the structure for Mozilla Web Titans Club:

  • Regional Coordinator: Hildah
  • Club Captain: Sharon and Michelle
  • Participants: 20+
  • Frequency: Twice a week

  • Club Captains: Sharon and Michelle

    "We believe it's important to empower women in web literacy in Nairobi because they really need it." - Michelle

    Sharon and Michelle are both students in local universities who are wanting to share their knowledge and learn how to be better leaders by running a club. When not studying, Sharon "wants to learn and volunteer" and believes that in club setting it's important to ask questions and open up the space so as to make it more welcoming. Michelle is excited to teach what she's learned in the past and belives it's important to "teach women how to stand up for themselves in a world with so many men."


    Sharon and Michelle have both attended a Mozilla Web Leadership Training when starting the club. They have also been working closely with their regional coordinator to understand how they can teach key digital skills with limited resources, given the low-access to internet and computers in their club. Their schedule is constantly changing but here an example of what a typical club event might look like:

  • Introduction to the days events and ground rules. They usually open up with a short icebreaker.
  • Introduction to the activity that they have chosen from Mozilla Learning.
  • Activity which usually involves a mix of group discussions, brainstorms and post-it notes.
  • Group activity on computer where participants complete an online exercise together.
  • Reflection of what they learned and steps for next week's session.

  • Read a description of one of their club events here where they adapted the popular Craken the Code activity.



    Communication is very important for Mozilla Club Web Titans. Club captains, Sharon and Michelle coordinate club events every week with attendees and connect with them via the My Moz Club app.

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