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SCSU Students Arrested for Posession of 10 Kilograms of Cocaine in Blue Honda Civic

NEW HAVEN >> Two Southern Connecticut State Univeristy Students were arrested this morning for the posession of 10 kilograms of Cocaine found inside the wheel wells of student Taylor Brockett's Blue 2005 Honda Civic. The students, Taylor Brockett and Natalia Schiavio, found by Southern Police were broken down in the Davis Parking Garage on campus. Police were investigating their car when a large bag of cocaine was discovered in the wheel wells of the Civic. Brockett and Schiavo attempted to run but were taken down by Campus officer John Walsh ... 20 hrs ago

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Milford lawmakers question wisdom of $10 million Silver Sands State Park project

MILFORD >> Democratic State Sen. Gayle Slossberg is demanding answers from the state on a planned $10 million project at Silver Sands State Park, and questioning the wisdom of such a costly project when millions in state aid is being cut from th...

By Pam McLoughlin|