Dragon spotted flying over the skies in South Sheffield

Witness photo captured on smartr phone
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Reports are coming in of a number of dragon sightings in the skies over the Gleadless, Mosborough, Ridgeway and Eckington areas of the city.

Local residents have reported seeing dragons flying overhead. It is unclear as to whether it is of the same dragon, or more worryingly several different dragons. Local residents have reported these sightings over the last few nights during the hours around midnight, suggesting the dragons are nocturnal.

Nobody has seen the dragons close up, so we are unable to give an accurate description and the size of the dragons also remains a mystery. An eye witness said,

“ I heard a tremendous whooshing noise, and looked up to see a dragon swooping overhead. As I watched I saw flames appear from its mouth. I ran as fast as I could to my house, scared in case it saw me. It needs to be captured immediately, before it causes any damage.”

If you have noticed anything unusual in your neighbourhood please contact The Star with details.

Contact us at enquiries@thestar.sheffield.co.uk

There are a number of different species of dragon, of varying size and colour. They are rarely seen in mainland Britain.

Update Jan 15th: We have heard that a class from Ridgeway Primary School are planning to help investigate this matter. We hope that they we let us know what they find out.