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Australian Cryptid The "Yowie" Gets Caught On Tape

New supposed footage of the hominid cryptid brings new evidence to the claims of its existence and has cryptozoologists around the world cheering

The Yowie
Yowie Statue, Yowie Park, Kilcoy, Queensland. Photo taken on 21 April 2013 (Somersetpedia.paul via Wikipedia Commons)

Chances are you haven’t heard of a yowie if you don't live in the land down under. A "yowie' is a supposed hominid that exists in folklore, such as the Bigfoot of North America and the Yeti of the The Himalayas. Just like those other cryptids, there is controversy in its existence, and before now, clear video evidence had never been recorded. Thanks to sound and video recording technology, and the determination of a trio of cryptozoologists, however, for the first time, there is clear, successfully caught footage of a creature resembling the yowie of legend.

Aside from bringing new scientific intrigue to the yowie, the new footage, which has been posted online in a report by the cryptozoologists responsible, will help increase the legitimacy of the field of cryptozoology and its place in the scientific communitnity.

The video footage was captured in Springbrook, Queensland, a mountain and plateau that has been the location of many yowie reports. Thiago, one of the cryptozoologists, caught the footage while the two others, Maria and Narelle, were observing the creature and taking notes.

Because the creature ran away after throwing the large rock at the cryptozoologists in the video, Narelle, another one of the cryptozoologists credited for the footage, writes in the report that this behavior suggests yowies are less aggressive and more defensive, preferring flight over fight when threatened.

This kind of behavior can explain the lack of physical confrontations between yowies and humans, Maria, the third member of the cryptozoology group, explains in the report. Despite the plentiful reports and sightings in that area of Australia, Maria adds that they were “incredibly lucky” to catch the yowie on film-and live to report it

The footage is not the only compelling evidence in this report. The cryptozoologists also found hair, footprints, and feces from the area, as well as a call recorded from there trek over that, while none of them saw the creature actually make the sound, it was the only creature they saw in the area of the sound that could physically make it. For the other evidence, further research shows that the evidence matches no known animal species. As with the call, further evidence is needed to confirm it is the yowie’s, but based on the location, shape, coloring, and DNA, the creature they saw is the most likely originator.

The trio plan to go on another expedition in the near feature, using the call they captured in the footage to try and locate the yowie again. Other teams of cryptozoologists, both Australian and abroad, also plan to go and try their luck. The public at large has also been quite interested in the new evidence, much to the delight of cryptozoologists, who see the increased interest as something helping to further the cause of cryptozoology. Biologists, zoologists, and even folklorists have been pouring over the report and the video as well, reading and seeing for themselves what the excitement it about. It’s a step in the path of species recognition, though there's still a long way to go.

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