The Devengers - Magneto entrance (AC/DC Shoot To Thrill)




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Published on Oct 2, 2012

Just another awesome scene from The Devengers, with AC/DC!

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This was probably one of Magneto's worst entrances to be honest.
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Matthew lall
+dragon knight yep also agreed
brett perry
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Quint Dunaway
Batman: I have Hans Zimmer. Magneto: I have ACDC.
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One Winged Ice Angel
Bats wins
One Winged Ice Angel
Bats wins
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Marty Nozz
That old man in the beginning is the greatest dude ever. Knows he's got no hope, but won't back down.
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Turtle King
Apple Google Sounds like your then only retard here
Dylan Oliver
Marty Nozz it was his job to plant himself like a tree and say "no. You move." ;)
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Vino sitas
The closest we will ever get with "DC" and marvel working together
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+Joseph Gómez A fighting game with both companies is long over due lol. 
Joseph Gómez
+civilwarfare101  I wonder, who really knows these days?
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Jaeger Newman
Cap, your entrance was good, his was better.
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Luke Lauchle
Looks like they already presold the movie rights
Michael Mac Donagh
+Red Lycan Yep think so TwoFace from Batman Forever
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Michael Joyce
The main thing that dissapointed about Magneto 3. No AC DC!!!
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Yorkiyorkx Santana
+Michael Joyce At first when I saw iron Man 3 I was like what the fuck am I watching? Too be honest I had to watch it 3 times.. I enjoyed it. It was better than Age Of Ultron
Isn't he.... dead?
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I love Black Widow's face, she's like: "This guy..."
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+Mitch Carpenter I love her tits
Anthony Price
XXBEARWARLORDX X we all love them titties...but that ass... daym girl, she got a perfect ass lol
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"There are no men like me." "There are always men like you." omg, what a comeback from the old man.
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Savagery Sandwiches52
cikif Straight savage
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Acting DeMickey
The Devengers, a.k.a. The Adventures of Magneto and Friends
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Denis Cristian Maris
Acting DeMickey lol
As Joss said on the commentary track, if the Avengers were the Rat Pack, Tony ain't Joey Bishop!
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The main thing that dissapointed about Magneto 3. No AC DC!!!
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+Gabriel Arcangelo they'll probably won't but for sure will need to have some music for the GoTG introduction to them
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Hi i'm Cräzy
Magneto is the best marvel hero <3
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Hemanth khureshi
Owl cap has better badass movies too..
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Chuckfan 47
Magneto's speakers have excellent quality.
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Imamul Khujjajji
oh c'mon men, Tony is a billionaire, he could make Iron Man suits, so why not the speakers?
Mark Urban
he might but the movie clearly showed he used the speakers on the plane
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Deadpool Videos
When I saw this scene in the theater, I had a nipple chill.
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After Fallout
+Liviana Dumitru Superhero landing!
sumit dalal
CMF VIDS me too
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Commander Shepard
It's funny the video shows Captain america save an old man and then fight against the asgardian villain but the title is still about Iron Man and his 5 second entrance. :p
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It's because of the person who uploaded the video, Iron Man may not be very humble at times but he's not always bad or a show off.
Joseph Beesley
Asif S fuck stark teamcap
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Ivan Semanero
So where is the reason batman can beat ironman?? He cant even barely fly. Stupid batfans. Ironman for life!!!
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lukas melida
After having read all fanboys defending his favourite hero. I must say that love both. Second, usin kryptonite isnt fucking cheat, superman has superpowerd and superweakness, he can use the powers but batman cant use kryptonite?? just a batman hater. Third. Yes, he is overrated. Fourth. Iron man would win, let's try to think it is an equal fight(it isnt)... -Tony: JARVIS HOUSE PARTY. THE END. And fifth. Batman uses the weapons, vehicles or armours depending of what he is doing, if he is in fuckin gotham chasing some robbers he is usint the batmovil, if fucking doomsday goes mad he will go with all he has(quite powerful shit)
Ryan Low
You failed to adress Batman's gleaming, impenetrable plot armour.
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Iron Man always makes an entrance like a BOSS.
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+Kevin Sipos Damn right! 
Louis Lee
+NathanielBoyMC What does that even mean? Also I guess they still had groupies...
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Regular Guy
Why'd they stop playing AC/DC for Iron Man after this movie?
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Jacob McAllister
^ yeah I think you hit the nail on the head. Tony is not the same person he was in iron man 1 let alone this movie and so forth. He has grown up. Especially in Civil War I think you can see the most change. He went from telling the government to kiss his ass in iron man 2 to yeah we need full supervision. lol
I think they had a contract where they could use AC-DC songs for 3 films, I'm not sure whether that's true but I think I heard it somewhere
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Edcel Jann M Corre
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Lame and played out
Wade Fucking Wilson
Edcel Jann M Corre motherf...
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Video Bakery
Somewhere out there, a DC exec is scratching his head wondering why his movies aren't fun
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Video Bakery
Oh I loved the dark knight trilogy! I was referring to the newer, non-Christopher Nolan-directed films. I think that the DK trilogy was amazing because the movies felt more like gritty crime dramas and less like superhero movies, which is very fitting for Batman. I think they tried to give MoS similar dark overtones, and it just didn't jive too well with Supes. That's just my opinion.
Because it's a comic book movie, and comic books are supposed to be fun and entertaining......?
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Out of Captain America and even Iron Man, it was actually the old man who owned Loki, a god. You could literally see Tom Hiddleton smile with reverence behind the Loki character at this man's true bravery.  "There are always men like you." turn down for what
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His bravery was admirable, but he had that 'Oh, shht!' look for real. 
enrique escamilla
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