Details for Sidekick Job


Super chef, Merciful Mise en Place, is seeking a dynamic sidekick and professional cook to accompany her culinary travels. If you are an enthusiastic and skilled human, this may be just the position for you!

Bachelor's degree in culinary is required. Minimum of five years of experience, required. Background in security is preferred. Must be proficient, reliable, and available 24/7.

 Merciful Mise en Place is a super chef every day of the week so you must be available to assist her on the food truck and when she helps save people from culinary diseasters. The pay is a salary of $80,000. Paid vacation, holidays and health care insurance are the benefits included.

Qualified candidates must possess a valid Georgia driver’s license and have a good driving record. Passing of a background check and drug test is required.  

 If interested and qualified please click on link below to apply:


Equal Opportunity Employer