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About Robert I'm Robert Walker, I attended the International Relativistic Astrophysics PhD (IRAP) Program Consortium where I received my PhD in astronomy. With a double minor in Mathematics and Physics. Currently I am employed by NASA where I am the director of "Future Travels to Mars" .. I trained as a mathematician originally. But my dream of working in the astronomy field changed my path. In 8 years at (IRAP) I learned everything I needed to prepare me as a director for NASA. I have now been here for 15 years but the amount of things I wish to accomplish continue to grow. 2 years ago Elon Musk ask me to join him and his team of astronomers to take lead on their private space program, Space X. Musk called me personally and explained the details. After giving the offer long thought I turned down Space X to stay with NASA. I realized I had way too much unfinished work with NASA. Working with this company has given me a vision with a different outlook on the future of space travel.
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